What’s Next?

I currently have three really good books started.  That is not unusual and that is not all my reading.  I am referring to my night reading.  I have several books that are school related that I am reading; I have a whole stack of books I use for my sermons on The Sermon on the Mount; and I have other devotional and theological readings; and one book of poetry that I am halfway through (A Shropshire Lad by A. E. Houseman); and several other books I dabble in.

I am not a deep thinker or even a widely read person.  I just have a short attention span.

Back to the three books:  I am anywhere from 25 to 75 pages into these three works.  Usually, I have several books going, but I increasingly turn the focus on one book.  That is the current dilemma.  By early June, I hope to have dispatched all three of these books.

Amity Shlaes’ new biography of Calvin Coolidge

Some weeks back, I reviewed Ms. Shlaes’ book on the Great Depression, titled The Forgotten Man.  This biography of Calvin Coolidge is her latest book.  I, sorry to say, succumbed to the notion that Harding and Coolidge were incompetent, inactive Presidents many years ago.  Paul Johnson’s Modern Times jolted me toward a better understanding.  I am now really appreciating Coolidge.  Wouldn’t Ronald Reagan be enjoying this biography of his favorite President, if he were still around?

The Day of Battle

The second volume of a trilogy about the American army and the liberation of Europe in World War II

It was about two years ago that I read An Army At Dawn: The War in North Africa, 1942-1943 by Rick Atkinson.  I thought it was a really well done history on a neglected part of the U.S.’ involvement in World War II.  It was as good as anything that Stephen Ambrose or Cornelius Ryan had written.  I am now compelled to read the second volume of the trilogy.  (My reading needs often cause me to shy away from World War II.  I could get consumed with that part of history.)  Part of the compulsion is because volume 3 of the trilogy is coming out this month ( http://liberationtrilogy.com/.).  I am not normally allowed to buy a book in a series, if I haven’t finished the previous volumes.

The Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944 covers the Mediterranean campaigns in the war.  Personally, I am dreading when the book gets to the invasion of Italy.  I am not sure that campaign was a wise choice.  Those men who fought at Anzio and Salerno and then up the boot of Italy were slugging it out in a most brutal campaign.  (Famous veterans of those campaigns include former Senator Robert Dole, who lost use of his arm in battle, and the highly decorated Texan and later film star Audie Murphy>0

A new and, as usual, interesting biography of Lewis

I have several biographies of C. S. Lewis and many books about aspects of the man and his writings.  I also have several books by Alister McGrath.  This book was irresistible.  Very good read so far.  I am jealous of my son Nick who got to hear McGrath lecturing on Lewis at Wheaton College.  And, as it turns out, McGrath will soon have another more scholarly book coming out on Lewis that analyzes the development of his thought and views over the years.

I can’t go wrong with these three books.





One thought on “What’s Next?

  1. I’ve finished the book on Coolidge (quite excellent), I’m slowly savoring the Lewis book (quite the delight), but have the Atkinson book on hold (probably until late summer). Ahh, the delights of multiple good reads!

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