Summer and Winter, as seen by Henry Adams

From The Education of Henry Adams by Henry Adams:

“Winter and summer, then, were two hostile lives, and bred two separate natures.  Winter was always the effort to live; summer was tropical license. Whether the children rolled in the grass, or waded in the brook, or swam in the salt ocean, or sailed in the bay, or fished for smelts in the creeks, or netted minnows in the salt-marshes, or took to the pine-woods and the granite quarries, or chased musk-rats and hunted snapping turtles in the swamps, or mushrooms or nuts on the autumn hills, summer and country were always sensual living, while winter was always compulsory learning. Summer was the multiplicity of nature; winter was school.”

I am trying to amend a long over-due need to become acquainted with the writings of Henry Adams, the grandson of President John Quincy Adams and the great-grandson of President John Adams.  Henry Adams was quite remarkable for the range and depth of his own writings.

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