Readings in American History

With American history as the topic for the year, I have been reading some books to prep my own mind and memories and ideas.

Last May, when we went to Wheaton College to fetch Nicholas home for the summer, I found this book:  I Wish I Had Been There, edited by Byron Hollinshead.  Twenty prominent American historians mix a bit of fact and fancy by choosing a favorite event where they wish they could have been present.  This book was a fun read and review of American history.  The contributors are a distinguished lot of modern historians and writers.

One more in the long line up of great books by Thomas Fleming.  A Disease in the Public Mind is a good history of the slavery controversy from the Founding Era to the War Between the States.  Although I thought I knew much of this story, I was surprised by how much I learned and helped by how much I was reminded of.  I will soon post a more complete review of this book.


American Phoenix:  John Quincy and Louisa Adams, the War of 1812, and the Exile that Saved American Independence by Jane Hampton Cook is almost all new ground for me.  This book reads like a novel.  I have not yet gotten far into it, but have enjoyed the style and pace of the book.

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