Book Buying Opportunity

You might not have guessed it from reading this blog, but I like books.  I like reading books, collecting books, moving books, remembering books, ordering books, receiving books, giving books, thinking about books, teaching books, and even occasionally writing books…or at least thinking about writing books.

I don’t do enough to inform readers of my favorite book sources, or those wonderful haunts where the best books are found at the lowest prices.  I work hard to find deals, steals, and both rare and new books.  Having four hungry children (one of whom is in college) and a hard-working wife, I feel guilty about taking the money we should use for food, clothing, and shelter and buying books with it.  Unless, of course, the book is one I don’t have, or by an author I like, or on a subject I am interested in, or in the category of rare, unusual and special. What is a meal compared with owning a book of poetry autographed by Donald Davidson?

In this special report from the Heavy Laden Bookshelf, I want to give you a really great offer to buy some fine books at good prices and to help a friend.  David Leach is about the best book finder and seller I know.  (I am the other book finder and seller, so David’s rank is easily obtained.)  I have probably bought 300 or more books from him over the years and possibly still owe him for half of those.  Being a book seller is a sure route to poverty.  The nice thing about selling books is that you get to keep what doesn’t sell.  That is also the bad part about being a book seller.

Please visit this link…and buy some books from David: I promise you will be satisfied with the books and the service.

Also, I really want to reduce my abundant supply of my book:  Punic Wars and Culture Wars.  You can buy it from Amazon for $21.05, plus postage and handling.

OR YOU CAN BUY IT FROM ME FOR HALF THAT.  Wait, it is even better:  Only $10 plus $3 for postage and handling.

Do you want multiple copies of my book?  Contact me at and I can make you some deals you will not believe possible.  I am an unknown author of an unknown book.  Distribution is vital.

So, let’s review the lessons we have learned:  1.  Order some books from David Leach.  2.  Order multiple copies of my book from me.

This book covers lots of history, not just the Punic Wars. If you don’t like the book, you will like the bibliography.

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