Snowetry: The Last Posting for the Year

Reprinted from Houseblog, my previous blog site:

Bradford Pear Blossoms

Winter’s last and only certain snow
Banks the pear branches white with blooms,
Trumpeting royalty to follow
On flowered grass from earthly looms.

Bare limbs hopeful with clutches of flowers
Dance like bridesmaids before the sun,
In rhythm to the tune of showers
As birds sing that winter is done.

As buds melt the last snow into green,
Warm sirens draw us out to the trees,
Seeking a corner of grace to glean,
Like the repentant heart trying to please.

Appearing in air from the cold;
On pear branches, drifts bank and grow,
As the chilled hand lets loose its hold:
Winter’s last and only certain snow.

I think my children would be disappointed if I did not post this poem on the blog this time of year.  The poem’s opening line originally read “The South’s last and only certain snow.”  It is not true of all the South, but the area where we live often has no snow in winter.  On other occasions in the past, we might have a day of snow.  Sometimes the snow would fall in the morning hours and be nearly all gone by evening.  But this year, we have three ground covering snows.  Over the last several days, this “last and only certain snow” has appeared all around us as Bradford pear trees are decked out with white flowers.  The particular variety of Bradford pear trees in this area do not produce fruit.  Just today I noticed that our fruit bearing pear trees are blossoming.  The ground areas are also covered with small white flowers.  Seasonal changes never cease to amaze me.

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