A Tale of Two Cities–Part 1–Dickens and Augustine



Reading through and teaching A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens has only increased my love of the book and the author.  Below is the first of two posts from the old blog that I posted back in the year 2010.

Better novels than A Tale of Two Cities, it can be argued, have been written. But one would be hard pressed to find a better beginning to a novel than “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” This opening sentence starts a series of contrasts of social classes, societal conditions, and human choices that will guide the novel through to the end. Dickens did not always write with a great deal of theological discernment, yet he penned one of the most powerful Christian stories ever in this novel. His Tale of Two Cities reflects certain ideas that can be found in a key prequel to his work. I don’t know if Dickens had much personal knowledge of that prequel, and it was not a major influence in Victorian England, but Augustine’s City of God sets forth the same contrasts as Dickens’ novel.

To keep reading (and why would you not want to read more?)….click here.


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