Karl Barth–A Unique Time of God

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Life was simpler back when I could classify all theologians as good guys and bad guys.  This is not to say that there aren’t good guys and bad guys, but life and even theology are not that simple.  All of that is to say that I now read and admire Karl Barth.  I figure that the concerns voiced by many were very real and one should be wary of certain aspects of his theology.  But, to ignore him is to miss too much.

Here is a great point from the excellent 46 page introduction by William Klempa to the book A Unique Time of God:  Karl Barth’s WWI Sermons:

There are lessons to be learned for budding preachers from Barth’s example:

  1.  The pulpit is the real arena of the kingdom of God and should be the minister’s priority;

2.  Daily Bible reading and study are essential;

3.  The pastor must live in love and solidarity with the congregation and understand their struggles;

4.  Biblical knowledge should go along with an awareness of current news;

5.  And the pastor should always be reading a theological book.


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