Remembering my Dad and the Seasons of His Life

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Seasons of Ecclesiastes–As Lived Out

A season of seasons A-very long time ago
When another boy was born to Walter and Lelo,
The second of four sons, the first-born not living long,
Raised and rooted in farm life as the seasons moved along.

A pretty DeKalb girl he met: she became his wife.
He missed the baby’s birth: as war’s season changed his life,
When ships and planes carried him to far away lands
Of deserts and the Nile flowing, where pyramids stand.

Seasons change again–a second daughter to them was born,
Lastly, a son–years given to love, laugh, and not mourn.
So many seasons for planting and harvest and plows
Of the work by day and evenings spent feeding cows

Providing food and clothes–but mainly love was given
As his seasons fulfilled his purpose under heaven.
There was a time for them both to dance with couples in a square
Until she left–a night he had to mourn and despair.

Seasons come and go: Love and her daughter entered in–
A quarter century golden years they were to spend.
The blessing of children’s children blessed him ten times,
And their children‘s children have stretched the family lines..

Even when his seasons passed by five four score and ten,
He gathered around him the bounties of life, family, and friends.
Another love gave him joyous days–seasons moved on–
As wealth of goodness to all he freely shared as God’s loving loan.

Last of all, a time to break down, a season to die,
For us–his own–our time to break down, our time to cry.
Still, this Christmas season is now doubly one of joy
Another carpenter praises the stable-born Boy.

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