Humanities Readings from Veritas Academy–RIP

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Humanities Course

Key Topics Studied

Representative Authors or Sources

Ancient, Classical, & Biblical World

Greek and Roman Heritage, along with Old and New Testament Bible History and Literature

The Bible

Homer—The Iliad & The Odyssey

Virgil –Georgics & The Aeneid

Aristotle— Politics

Plato—The Republic

Greek Dramatists—tragedies & comedies

Herodotus—The Histories

Edith Hamilton–Mythology

Ernle Bradford—Thermopylae & Hannibal


Early Church, Medieval, & Renaissance World

European History from the Fall of the Roman Empire through the Renaissance;

The growth and development of the Early Church; the Middle Ages; the Age of the Renaissance

St. Augustine—City of God

Bede—Ecclesiastical History of the English Church


Eusebius—Church History

Chaucer—Canterbury Tales

Dante—The Divine Comedy

Thomas Mallory—L’Morte d’Arthur

Boethius—Consolation of Philosophy

Shakespeare—Selected plays and poems

Barbara Tuchman—A Distant Mirror

Reformation & Revolution: The Modern World: The Reformation To the Present

The Protestant Reformation;

Exploration and Colonization;

The Enlightenment and the French Revolution;

Industrial Revolution;

Modern Wars;

Theological Wars

Martin Luther—Bondage of the Will

John Calvin—Institutes

Jane Austen—Pride and Prejudice

Charles Dickens—A Tale of Two Cities

Victor Hugo—Les Miserables

Fyodor Dostoevsky—selected novels

Charles Darwin-On the Origin of Species

Francis Schaeffer-How Should We Then Live?

The American Story:

The United States in history, literature, and cultural development

An historical, cultural and literary survey of America; the ideas, theologies, books, and people who impacted the United States’ rise from colonies to the leading world power

The Puritans—selections

Mark Twain—Huck Finn

James Fenimore Cooper-The Last of the Mohicans

Nathaniel Hawthorne-The Scarlet Letter

Herman Melville—Moby Dick

Founding Fathers—speeches & writings

The Federalist Papers

William Faulkner—The Unvanquished

Fitzgerald & Hemingway—Selected Novels

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